Biology of Ion Channels Lab

Dr Guillaume Sandoz

Group Leader


Côte d'Azur University

Nice, France


Ion channels generate the electrical signals with which the nervous system senses the world, processes information, creates memories and controls behavior. Dysfunctional ion channels can cause diseases known as channelopathies. They are encoded by approximately 350 genes and represent the second largest drug targets to notably treat diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, neuropathic pain and migraine.

Our recent discoveries in the understanding of their function and regulation are opening new perspectives to treat neurological and psychiatric diseases. In fine, the challenge of the team is to integrate the structural, pharmacological, cellular and neurophysiological data of ion channel biology to promote the discovery of molecules with high therapeutic potential that are more slective and effective, reducing side effects.



iBV, Bâtiment de Sciences Naturelles
Parc Valrose,
28 av de Valrose
06100 Nice

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